Saturday, January 2, 2010


The new year always starts off with the promise of a better life, doesn't it? You're going to spend less, save more, lose weight, and finally get around to writing that novel that's been in your head for nearly a decade. The clock strikes twelve and the previous year is magically erased, that ever elusive clean slate begging you to do it right this time (stoopid.)

In the interest of putting my money where my mouth is, I share with you, dear readers, my list of resolutions that will most assuredly be followed for 2010 (ahem.)

1. Get off my fat ass. Achilles tendonitis had barred me from all physical activity for the past five months. After hundreds of dollars, acupuncture sessions that resembled forms of torture, chiropractic weirdness, and herbs that taste like wet tree bark, I have been officially cleared to resume training. In fact, it was highly encouraged. Cue the "Rocky" theme song.

2. Watch less television. This was a side effect of sitting around on said fat ass instead of running, riding, yoga-ing, or weight lifting. Hopefully, I am so busy in 2010, I don't have time to get sucked into another TV show. I will, however, keep watching Glee because I am a dork and I love musical anything.

3. More current events, less celebrity gossip.

4. More healthy meals, less alcohol. I also want to experiment more with French cooking, so this will be a challenge. I'm no good at the whole moderation thing, so this will teach me to balance the fresh fruits and veggies with bacon and butter. Pork fat tastes good, people.

5. Write more. This one is huge. I have an innate fear of putting myself out there, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? I have to be fearless, and I definitely need more inspiration in my life.

That's all the commitment I can muster at this point. Good bye and good riddance, 2009 (P.S. you sucked.) The new year rolls out with a bang, and let's all hope it's a great one.

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